Greetings from LedBeat,

LedBeat’s members consist largely of three old friends, who grew up together in Hacienda Heights California, and always had a passion for music but never made the commitment to do what we all love to do, and that’s play, write, and sing songs. We love the whole process, to start with a catchy melody and turn it into a complete song, is very rewarding. When we write a song we usually refer to life’s ups and downs. Our life’s experience is our guide.
The Ledbetter brothers have been playing guitar since they learned chicks dig guitar players with long blonde hair (Jr. High). Don’s the older lead guitar playing Mozart, songwriter, and keyboardist. Greg’s the much younger guitar playing, bass playing, songwriter, and recording engineer expert. Steve Montano is the vocalist and songwriter as well. Steve and Don met each other in the first grade, best friends ever since, or as long as Don will let Steve win in tennis, pay back’s a bitch; we both broke a lot of rackets. We all played in other bands over the years, but nothing that ever lasted.
We got together in March of 2009, at the suggestion of Greg to Don that he should call up Steve to come over for a recording session, to do some of our old songs, so we could digitalize them and keep them forever. We were so happy with the results, and having so much fun playing together again, we started playing every Friday night at Greg’s home, and later Greg’s office, a very small 10 x 12 office we would squeeze into, but that office was and still is, our studio, where we’ve finished our first CD, called “Never Too Late”, the title say’s it all, for us anyway.
The CD was created as a tribute to all the people who touched our hearts as children and adults, we love you all. We all hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Never too late to start doing something you love to do, and have a passion for. We hope that we can be an inspiration to anyone else who thinks it’s too late to start something, anything.
We wish you happiness and health.



Steve Montano
Don Ledbetter
Greg Ledbetter